I am months behind with writing up my awesome Amazon adventures. By now, I have already left Leticia behind – and I haven’t even published anything about the amazing experience of participating in a reunion of Colombian and Peruvian indigenous leaders in the community of San Martin in November, or about the three-day jungle hike to the Calderon where I visited the richest and poorest man in the world…

Although my semester in the Amazon is over, I have not yet ended my journey, still traveling through Colombia to explore some of the other wonders which make this country so incredibly diverse. I doubt that I will find the time to upload anything in the upcoming three weeks, so let me skip my typical storytelling and just show you some of my favorite photos from the Amazon.


Morning mist over the Amazon river close to Puerto Nariño


One of the thousands of green loritos that arrive every night at Parque Santander


Pepe, the mascot of an indigenous women living at Monilla Amena


The first resting place on our eight hour hike through the Calderon jungle, the trail starting about twenty kilometers outside of town


Another photo from the trip to the Calderon


This poor guy was desperately trying to escape from the main building of the Agape Nature Reserve


A pretty little frog that we had to fish out of the pool


An impressive Iguana in our backyard


Another photo of the Calderon


I can’t get enough of this jungle!


Beautiful sunset just across the street from our house


Very interesting insect I came across on my very first day at the university


Tarantula outside one of the university’s windows


Just one of the incredibly many beautiful butterflies to be admired here


These nocturnal monkeys are normally sleeping in the palm trees in our front yard all day – this little guy is returning home after falling out of the tree during an especially strong thunderstorm


A sloth who spent some days hanging around in our papaya tree


Saying goodbye to the Amazon river